January (or the lost month)

Every pregnancy, before morning sickness reveals itself, I am convinced that this time I will use mind over matter and then it happens and I become a big baby. January was about survival, JH learned a lot, and O did too. We ate tons of fruit and vegetables, despite the paper I wrote for my Environmental Science class which was all about the benefits of a local diet. I made lots of homemade yogurt which we ate with frozen raspberries and homemade granola (these were the foods that didn't make me sick!). Since I felt crumby, and it seemed like everyone in our co-op was sick, and all our friends had a lot of illness this year we spent a lot of time home bound.

The beautiful part was that it was what we all needed, I am seeing the fruit of this perceived hardship as I type. Our boys bonded big time this winter, and forged the beginning of a real friendship between brothers, and individually their imaginations really blossomed. They did get a ton of outside in the backyard building snow fort time, just not a lot of going places time.

 Also, I am not someone who subscribes to the kids need constant entertainment belief. In my experience when you are always taking them to events, having special treats all the time, new toys etc. you will create children that cannot amuse themselves. The more a child expects in terms of entertainment the more they whine about being bored when you are not taking them somewhere 'special', giving them something new to play with or doing something out of the ordinary, if you do these special outings and activities weekly they cease being special anymore.

If a child watches television all the time, they struggle knowing what to do when they aren't watching it. So while it is painful to go to one of the museums and pay the ridiculous entry fee, we do that instead of getting a membership and going all the time, it makes it more special. We do have a zoo membership, we use it more because I prefer the kids to be outside, and when we go on vacation we like getting access to other zoos and aquariums. To each their own, of course. This is what works for me, and took me a while to realize and correct making some of these errors.


A Joyful Chaos said...

I 100% agree that children don't have to be entertained all the time. An active imagination can't thrive if they're constantly being bombarded with thought out activities.


Katie said...

Thank you so much for your comment, it is good to hear that I am not alone on this topic!