2012 Intentions: Scratch

I feel the need to bring much less packaging into our home . Enter my first intention for this year: making more of our food and personal care items 'from scratch'.

I recently read that food costs are projected to go up another 4-8% this year, so now is the time to do this in our home. I will be posting my results of different recipes and tutorials that I find online. Some of these will have to wait until summer when the produce is available, or being grown in our backyard.

The BIG list (with links of sources/recipes):

  1. granola
  2. crackers: whole wheat goldfish, parmesan cream crackers, graham crackers,
  3. muffins (I make 24 every two weeks and freeze them for easy breakfasts)
  4. tassajara bread
  5. sandwich bread
  6. waffles (using baking mix below)
  7. pancakes (same as waffles)
  8. baking mix
  9. sundried tomatoes (we do these in the oven)
  10. pizza dough
  11. 'our' simple marinara style sauce (1 can diced tomatoes, garlic, a splash of balsamic vinegar)
  12. apple sauce
  13. jam
  14. breadcrumbs
  15. croutons
  16. salad dressing
  17. mayonaise
  18. mustards
  19. ketchup
  20. pickles (tried this summer '12 and was disappointed with the recipe I used)
  21. stocks/broth
  22. ice cream
  23. yogurt
  24. almond butter (I use the recipe from here )
  25. baking powder (same source as almond butter)
  26. enchilada sauce
  27. soups
  28. butter
  29. diced tomatoes
  30. stewed tomatoes
  31. pizza sauce
  32. baby food
Personal Care/Cleaning/Household
  1. bar soap (the hubby is in charge of this one)
  2. liquid hand soap (tried it and was less than impressed!)
  3. deoderent (love it, I use the Angry Chicken recipe)
  4. laundy soap (1 bar castile soap, 1 cup washing soda, 1 cup Borax)
  5. dryer balls
  6. all purpose cleaning spray (vinegar, water, essential oils)
  7. soft scrub cleanser (baking soda and essential oils
  8. window cleaner (vinegar and water)
  9. dusting spray (made this and didn't think it worked that well)
  10. wood polish (beeswax and olive oil)
  11. candles (using locally sourced beeswax)
  12. napkins
  13. cloth wipes
  14. cloth diapers (ended up buying these)
  15. wool diaper covers
Have any sources or tried and true recipes for any of the above mentioned things? I would love to hear about them!


Anonymous said...

I bought the Eating from the Ground up blog writer's book, Homemade Pantry. I've only made bread so far, but I love reading her writing. I think all of the recipes are online, so you should check out the blog. Catherine

Katie said...

Catherine...I will check that book out. The thing I am finding is how much better from scratch eating really tastes...of course we are by no means totally cooking this way, but I love it!