Baking Day

 While we don't do anything 100%, I prefer to take different ideas from different places and make it our own. I draw a lot of inspiration and ideas from Waldorf education, especially our rhythm. Once a week, or sometimes twice if we want we have baking day.  At this point JH is either very involved or not, I don't pressure him, and most times he is excited to help and enjoy the fruits of our labor!  A few weeks ago I pulled out some pizza dough (made with whole wheat flour) and we used it to have a bread making day.

JH the baker

brushing our bread with egg wash

After we added sesame seeds

We also made banana bread
 What we make changes weekly, sometimes we do something super easy like pizza dough bread, and other times we make more complicated things. Pete picked up a little activity board at the store (which I totally could have made (cough, cough) but I appreciated his dedication to our family and coming up with ideas to help us stay on path. JH loves coming down in the morning to see what our activity of the day is:
Music Day is a JH favorite

On Music Day I will have to take some pictures, we have dance time right after breakfast and play our instruments before Pete leaves for work, it is so much fun!!

What weekly things are you and your family doing? I always love fresh ideas!

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