Catching up

There is nothing quite like a surprise hospital stay, and a power outtage to keep someone from updating their blog :)

Here is this weeks menu:

Sunday- tuna melts, carrots & hummus, tomato soup
Monday- chicken salad wraps, pasta salad & garden salads, canteloupe (this was at my parents)
Tuesday- pizza bread, veggie pasta (fettucine tossed with diced tomatoes, spinach, garlic and broc in garlic sauce with parmesan)
Wednesday- baked chicken, brown rice, steamed cauliflower
Thursday- pancakes & eggs, fruit
Friday- homemade french bread pizzas (from leftover bread), green smoothies
Saturday- summer pasta salad, blueberry crisp for dessert with ice cream

Breakfasts- made homemade granola so that with yogurt & blueberries most mornings, or eggs/toast, or cold cereal and milk, we are having green smoothies every other morning

Lunches- leftovers for Pete, JH and I have been grazing on raw veggies and dip or fruit smoothies...cheese and crackers, nuts, fruit (easy stuff in a nutshell)

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