Oh December, you were a rough one this year. In fact we were so sick at Christmas I have nothing to show picture wise for it, the boys were both feverish and coughing by the time they went to bed on Christmas Eve. We did however get some good stuff in there earlier in the month, the most exciting news was that we were expecting another baby. This also explains the lack of photos, because morning sickness for me is the real deal. I did however still exchange cookies, and Christmas shop
We celebrated Saint Nicholas Day, saw more snow, JH started his garden book which he is using now to make his seed order from. We got a tree before we were sick, and Pete and the boys had fun decorating it. On Christmas morning JH was up around 8:30, and O around 9:30, I hope to make up for it next year. They didn't seem to mind that there were no pictures taken, and that our yearly breakfast was skipped. That is what really matters, since the only people I am trying to please are the ones that live in our house :)

November Part 2

Continuing on the blog catch up....

We enjoyed good autumn weather, worked on letter formation, and celebrated Martinmas by making lanterns, coloring Saint Martin pages, painting, and donating clothing and toys.

Then on November 12th, it began:

Little did we know our last snow (I hope) would be in March! To be continued.....

November review

We started November celebrating my dad's birthday at my parent's house, O was happy to help Papa blow out his candles.

We began doing FIAR, our first book was Cranberry Thanksgiving. Above you can see JH making cranberry breakfast cake, cranberry sauce, and doing some cranberry science experiments, it was fun for all of us. We began our bird study, which we are still doing. We signed up for Great Bird Count, I highly recommend it. To be continued....

October Part 2

Mid October we went on field trips with our awesome co-op, we picked apples and got fried cakes, dyed play silks at a friend's home, and helped with raking.

We baked lots of bread, my new obsession, ate tons of roasted chick peas, marveled at the beauty of the autumn sun in our home, and realized that O cannot be left alone with markers! ;)

We ended the month trick or treating at my dad's place of work. We made a new friend, and found out that O has no desire to dress up but did wear the hat I knit him, he loves putting on lip balm, hence the pictures above.
 My dad's awesome co-worker set this up for the kids, which was a blessing, because our friends that come over each year for dinner and trick or treating cancelled due to illness which was a huge bummer. JH didn't want to go without his best buddies so we visited all the grandparents and helped pass out candy.

Pete and JH are reading various chapter books at bedtime, in October they were reading the first Harry Potter, can you tell?

October 2013 Part 1

October began with our first colds of the season, looking back that is so long ago. This was such a yucky winter in terms of illness and cabin fever.

We did a lot of autumn themed learning, and enjoyed the last couple weeks of our CSA.

Year in Review :: September

  I actually started another blog, after a year of it I realized that I missed it here. So here I am. I thought I would play catch up starting with last September and go from there.

After much thought, consideration, and research we chose to learn at home for now. The above picture was our first day. Now we are nearing the end of the (un)school year. It has been a good thing, not without struggles but we all love it. Little O is not really required to do anything, but he loves doing what JH is, so there you go.

 In September we celebrated Michaelmas:

We made dragon bread, dragon tear candles, and dinner candles.  This was our third year celebrating and I love that it has become tradition. It makes me sad to look at the picture above of the boys, they have grown so much since then.

Late September we celebrated our little O's second trip around the sun:

The Pants


So I made pants for O, and they were WAY too big, so I tried them on JH and they pretty much fit! A little short maybe, but I think they look cute, and he is young enough to pull it off!  Someday they will fit sweet O. I don't have enough corduroy to make another pair for O, so I am going to have to come up with something new, and maybe pay more attention when I am cutting!

Quiet days

Autumn seemed to come overnight, one moment we were sweating and eating cucumbers and tomatoes, the next day we pulled out all things woolen. My urge to knit, cook soup, bake bread, and eat apples came with a vengeance. Now we are experiencing some odd warm and humid days which are no good for my autumn thing going on here.

Our rhythm is coming together for the new season. Tuesdays are crayon/drawing day, the boys received beeswax crayons for O's birthday -yes JH did receive a little something- but the crayons were the extent of it! 

 We collected leaves, and used the block crayons to make leaf rubbings. I am in love with the bright colors, and amazing results of using these in comparison to our old crayons.  We have a family joke about the cheaper crayons taking on the odor of body odor, which they do! These ones smell like beeswax, and we are all loving them.  Speaking of beeswax, tomorrow we do beeswax leaves!