Nesting days

The countdown has begun, and I feel myself becoming borderline obsessed about making lists, freezer batch cooking, pulling out baby clothing to wash, stockpile things that I don't want to have to run to the store for, preparing for the coming months, while also finishing up school with JH, and planning for next year.
 The weather has been so nice, some days really hot, some rainy, but all enjoyable. I hurt my thumb/wrist/hand while knitting, so there is that. My plans for a hand knit baby blanket are dashed along with some baby gifts for other family members expecting this summer. I am trying to restrain myself from ordering hand knits for our new baby on Etsy, I got a wrist brace and I am hoping that time will heal all wounds so to speak and I can get my baby knit on!

March revisited.....

March began and the weather eased up for a bit, the pictures above outdoors was the first semi-warm(ish) day we had. March was a blur, JH finished his Kindergarten math and phonics programs, so we moved up to first grade, it is no surprise those are his favorite subjects.
March is all about Saint Patrick's day for this over half Irish family, we had family over for lunch and dinner. Above is the Guinness Beef Stew we made, the traditional decorations and green carnations, and the bakery cookies Pete surprised the boys with.
I also began a new system for our house, above is one of JH's chores (folding towels, napkins, and wash cloths), along with a new daily schedule for both learning at home, and running the house type stuff. A month into it I can say confidently that is was a good decision. We had been kind of flying by the seat of our pants while I had morning sickness and that isn't good for anyone. 
After a long time of being really budget wise in terms of groceries etc. I began to super-slack on this and now I am trying to get back to a workable budget for food/household supplies. We tracked our grocery expenses for a few months and realized we were spending well over 1K a month for four people (NOT COOL AT ALL) To be continued......

February catch up

At the end of February (March, really) I stopped feeling ill. We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, and my birthday. JH really started getting into playing card games, so we did a lot of that. Lots of story time for Pete and the boys. We ate a lot more fruits and vegetables and green smoothies to boost our immune system, along with probiotics.  February was filled with snow, and at the end of the month Pete and I got out to a really nice lunch to celebrate 7 years of being married, also known as the best decision I ever made day.

Starting to feel better, the end of the month went so much smoother....and I played a lot of catch up on things that I was slacking on (namely, laundry)

_excuse some of the blurry photos, they were taken on my phone which doesn't seem to do a good job!

January (or the lost month)

Every pregnancy, before morning sickness reveals itself, I am convinced that this time I will use mind over matter and then it happens and I become a big baby. January was about survival, JH learned a lot, and O did too. We ate tons of fruit and vegetables, despite the paper I wrote for my Environmental Science class which was all about the benefits of a local diet. I made lots of homemade yogurt which we ate with frozen raspberries and homemade granola (these were the foods that didn't make me sick!). Since I felt crumby, and it seemed like everyone in our co-op was sick, and all our friends had a lot of illness this year we spent a lot of time home bound.

The beautiful part was that it was what we all needed, I am seeing the fruit of this perceived hardship as I type. Our boys bonded big time this winter, and forged the beginning of a real friendship between brothers, and individually their imaginations really blossomed. They did get a ton of outside in the backyard building snow fort time, just not a lot of going places time.

 Also, I am not someone who subscribes to the kids need constant entertainment belief. In my experience when you are always taking them to events, having special treats all the time, new toys etc. you will create children that cannot amuse themselves. The more a child expects in terms of entertainment the more they whine about being bored when you are not taking them somewhere 'special', giving them something new to play with or doing something out of the ordinary, if you do these special outings and activities weekly they cease being special anymore.

If a child watches television all the time, they struggle knowing what to do when they aren't watching it. So while it is painful to go to one of the museums and pay the ridiculous entry fee, we do that instead of getting a membership and going all the time, it makes it more special. We do have a zoo membership, we use it more because I prefer the kids to be outside, and when we go on vacation we like getting access to other zoos and aquariums. To each their own, of course. This is what works for me, and took me a while to realize and correct making some of these errors.


Oh December, you were a rough one this year. In fact we were so sick at Christmas I have nothing to show picture wise for it, the boys were both feverish and coughing by the time they went to bed on Christmas Eve. We did however get some good stuff in there earlier in the month, the most exciting news was that we were expecting another baby. This also explains the lack of photos, because morning sickness for me is the real deal. I did however still exchange cookies, and Christmas shop, made a batch of lotion bars for family and friends,
We celebrated Saint Nicholas Day, and I made our yearly cherry coffee cake, we saw more snow, JH started his garden book which he is using now to make his seed order from. We got a tree before we were sick, and Pete and the boys had fun decorating it. On Christmas morning JH was up around 8:30, and O around 9:30, I hope to make up for it next year. They didn't seem to mind that there were no pictures taken, and that our yearly breakfast was skipped. That is what really matters, since the only people I am trying to please are the ones that live in our house :)

November Part 2

Continuing on the blog catch up....

We enjoyed good autumn weather, worked on letter formation, and celebrated Martinmas by making lanterns, coloring Saint Martin pages, painting, and donating clothing and toys.

Then on November 12th, it began:

Little did we know our last snow (I hope) would be in March! To be continued.....

November review

We started November celebrating my dad's birthday at my parent's house, O was happy to help Papa blow out his candles.

We began doing FIAR, our first book was Cranberry Thanksgiving. Above you can see JH making cranberry breakfast cake, cranberry sauce, and doing some cranberry science experiments, it was fun for all of us. We began our bird study, which we are still doing. We signed up for Great Bird Count, I highly recommend it. To be continued....